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Chicago Bulldogs hire new strength and condition Coach

Josh Knicker

For those who don’t know me my name is Josh Knicker and I am a recent graduate from The University Of Kentucky. I have been playing hockey since I was 4 years old and grew up playing in the Chicago land area playing for organizations such as The Huskies and The Sabers in my younger days, to elite AAA clubs such as The Mission, The Chill, and Chicago Young Americans. Throughout my hockey career I have been coached by some of the top coaches in Illinois and have gathered a considerable amount of knowledge about the game of hockey. Spending four years at The University Of Kentucky were I played ACHA division II hockey helped me gain even more knowledge. I was fortunate enough to make it at the Collegiate level and my freshman I got the chance to experience the Division II National tournament, which is a memory, I’ll never forget. Not only did my hockey experience in college teach me more about the game but also the degree I pursued which was a B.S. in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). Taking my knowledge from what I learned about in class on how the body works in movement and all the benefits that can result from a well rounded purposeful exercise routine, and combining it with my 18 years of hockey experience at elite levels, I know how to design a program that can take a player/team that will push them ahead of there competition.