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Hitmen-Rampage Weekend


The Chicago Hitmen had a rough start on Friday night, December 10th, 2010, with a weekend series against the Pleasant Prairie Rampage in Kenosha, WI. Friday had a tough loss to the  Rampage  with a score of 4-2, Rampage. Saturday night, The Hitmen came out strong right out of the gates with a score of 4-3 Chicago and a win in overtime. Sunday’s game definitely brought out the best in both teams. The final score was 4-3, Chicago!

Friday night was just a taste of what the Hitmen were in store for. With Willy Krafcheck in net, and Hitmen’s best players on the ice, they were confident for a win. The first period flew by with two goals from the Rampage. With Rampage with the lead with two goals and Chicago zero.

Period two had the Chicago fans biting their nails. The Rampage had a penalty, which gave Chicago a chance and they sure took it. Jon Stevanovich set Kyle Clark up with a beautiful powerplay goal. The Rampage pulled out their weapons and scored another goal against Hitmen defense. Before you knew it, the second period was over, with Rampage leading 3-1.

The third period brought defeat to the Hitmen. Jacob Matysiak chipped a powerplay goal in the Rampage net, but it wasn’t enough. The Rampage then came back with a goal, and ended the game with Rampage winning 4-2.
Saturday night was a night full of success. The Chicago Hitmen were ready for some revenge against the Rampage the previous night. This was a new game, a new start. Matthew ‘Chewy’ Johnson was in net, with a phenomenal defense and offense right behind him! Wisconsin came out with one goal, but the Hitmen weren’t ready to call it a game. Coach Clarke’s powerplay running well with Danny Doyle’s goal with assists from Jon Stevanovich, and Matthew Gazzola. That was the end of the first period with a tie game!

Second period had the crowd roaring. Nick Gnagni with his picture perfect slapshot, scoring the second goal for Chicago, and Rampage trailing by one point.  Then the Rampage comes back with a goal. The Hitmen didn’t fret. Michael Lozano skating full force with a powerplay goal, assisted from Kyle Clark. The second period ended with an intense score of 3-2, Hitmen!

The third period was a battle for the Rampage, with Chicago Hitmen players playing their hardest. It was only 5 minutes into the period and the Hitmen had a brain cramp and let up, allowing one goal from the Rampage. The game was tied 3-3, with emotions high. Both teams battled it out, with an end to the period.

The game was tied, with an overtime period along the way. Chicago and Wisconsin went at each other with 4 on 4. Chicago was making nervous passes and moves, but then there was Matthew ‘Soupy’ Soukup with an overtime goal. He started out handling the puck. The puck is now in Rampage zone. One more poke of the puck and Soupy would make it pass the left wing defensemen. The puck keeps sliding, while Soupy fakes a move pass the defense, and skates hard as he can toward the goal. He fakes right then swerves left and shoots right through the legs of the goalie. GOAL!!! Hitmen with a victory, thanks to Soupy, win the game, in overtime 4-3!

Sunday was the last day of the weekend series. Both teams with one win, wanting the second. Matthew ‘Chewy’ Johnson had a great game the night before. Coaches had the trust in him to play one more. He did not let them down.

The first period was not a good start for the Hitmen, with Rampage leading with 2 goals. The Hitmen families were not very happy with their performance, was hoping for the best next period.

The second period definitely changed the attitude in the bleachers for both opponents. Danny Doyle comes right out with a powerplay goal assisted from Jacob Matysiak, and Kyle Clark! Right after, Michael Lozano come speedy with goal assisted from Matthew ‘Soupy’ Soukup! Lozano come straight again with shorthanded goal assistance from Danny Doyle. The three beautiful goals definitely raised the bar for the next period. The score, so far, was 3-2, Chicago!

The third period really showed how each team wanted it! Three minutes into the period, Rampage came busting out with a goal against goalie, Matthew ‘Chewy’ Johnson. It was only tied, but the Hitmen did not want another overtime re-run. Fourteen minutes later, the Hitmen wanted to end it. Nick Gnagni came out with a goal assisted by Kyle Clark, and Jacob Matysiak! The Hitmen won 4-3!

The Hitmen are now 29-2, with Showcase coming up in Burton Michigan! Wish them luck